Temporary Staffing

Add flexibility to your business.

Whether you have a time-sensitive project that requires a specific skill set, or additional hands on deck to meet a project deadline, we can help. Temporary workers are ideal for covering vacation, maternity and sick leave, and offer the additional benefit of introducing flexibility to meet business demands while saving on overhead costs.

Temporary Staffing Service Process

How does it work?

Our proactive approach takes the stress of finding the right candidate off your plate with our simple 3-step placement process:

1. Identify your requirements

This covers the timeframe, candidate qualification requirements and any specific needs you have for the position.

2. Provide a shortlist of suitable candidates

With our hand-picked database of prospects and an extensive talent network, we offer quick turn-around times so that your project won’t be held up due to staff shortages.

3. Draw up the paperwork

Following the interview process, we’ll ensure that your candidate of choice is ready to start when you need them and that all the necessary paperwork is in place.

Temporary Staffing Benefits

Who needs this service?

We take the guesswork out of hiring temporary labor for your company. With an intensive screening process for applicants and a detailed analysis of their skills, training and experience, we are able to consistently and successfully place temp employees. With years of experience in recruitment, we expertly match your requirements with the best candidates.


Why hire temp employees?

Contract staffing offers the important advantage of agility. This allows your company to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive business environment head-on. This additional level of flexibility means that you can hire on a per-project basis, cover for key employees when they go on leave or add invaluable scarce skills for a time-limited assignment.

As a business, you benefit from:

  • Access to new skills – scarce skills can demand a hefty price tag, but if you can’t put those skills to good use consistently, the price can quickly begin to outweigh the benefits.
  • Flexibility in an unstable economy – in an environment where successful companies can declare bankruptcy overnight, time-bound contract workers can all you to scale up or down depending on your workload.
  • Money-saving – you can take on additional work without the high overheads of employees who have permanent contracts but are not fully utilized throughout the year.
  • Qualified hires – the cost of a bad hire has been well documented. It is estimated to be around $240,000 in expenses per bad hire, which can be avoided when a contract worker transitions into permanent employment.
  • Avoiding burnout – when team members are overworked productivity quickly declines, and sick leave increases.

Our placement services provide our clients with cost-effective solutions as we vet each candidate carefully to find the right match for your business demands.

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