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Save time and resources with our in-house employee payroll services.

The administrative burden of managing your payroll across an organization can be overwhelming, especially when you add in the legal obligations inherent in the payroll process.

At Flexible Staffing, our advanced payroll solution ensures that you remain in full compliance with your workers’ compensation and unemployment obligations, even if you operate in multiple locations.

Our payroll services eliminate the high costs associated with hiring and managing your staff, both financially and in terms of time, freeing you up to concentrate on your core business

Benefits of FSS Staff’s Payroll Services

Our payroll services are designed to save your time and money. The benefits to your company will include:

Legislative Compliance

We take full employer responsibility for Workers’ and Unemployment Compensation, government taxes, insurance and compliance with applicable laws. This means that you are able to fulfil all federal, state and local legal obligations without needing to know the ins and outs of each specific requirement.

Reduced Staffing Costs

New staff members can quickly become a drain on your HR department’s resources, making it difficult to stay on top of your staffing and administrative costs, especially if your company is growing quickly. To manage growth or to remain flexible as you take on projects, our payroll services help to reduce staffing costs.

Lower Administration Costs

Our end-to-end payroll process gives you access to everything you need for hands-free payroll management. We handle everything from documentation preparation to final paychecks. When you take into account the time-saving, improved accuracy and cost-control benefits, the value we add more than covers the costs of the service.

Improved Contractor Relationships and Satisfaction

If you ever have any payroll questions or concerns, our Flexible Staffing team is here to answer your call or email in a prompt manner. Drawing on our deep knowledge and extensive experience, we are able to offer you easy, immediate access to the information you need.

Fully Customized Solutions

Flexible Staffing will customize a payroll solution that matches your company’s specific business needs and addresses any concerns that are unique to your industry. And our transparent approach ensures that you have straight-forward, accurate weekly invoicing for your records.

Individual Responses

We will facilitate all payroll-related queries and issues. This includes the creation of enrolment packets and the provision of payroll experts who are available to answer any questions from your employees.

A flexible, agile payroll service.

Our payroll services are ideal whether you have traditional or non-traditional employees. We can accommodate all employees, including:

  • Full-time employees and part-time employees
  • Interns and contract workers
  • Freelancers and special project employees

For more information on our payroll services and how they can benefit your company, please get in touch.

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